Vocal & Choral

Praises of Thanksgiving 感恩頌 (Psalm 65) for choir, organ & orchestra. Commissioned by the Vancouver Oratorio Society for its 25th anniversary and premiered in the Chan Centre of UBC 20167'20”download
For the Beauty of Music 美樂滿人間 (lyrics: Sonia Ng) for choir and piano. Commissioned by the Allegro Singers for its 50th anniversary20146'
Drunken Dream 醉夢 (lyrics: Sonia Ng) for choir & piano. Commissioned by Taipei Chamber Singers20149'20”
Let Us Rejoice (Song of Songs, 1-3) for mixed choir & piano, In Memory of well-known mezzo-soprano Ms. Lee Bing6'
SANCTUS for oboe d’amore, viola da gamba & SATB choir (also arranged for SATB Choir & organ). Commissioned by the HK New Music Ensemble, premiered by HK Bach Choir2012download
Our song of Peace for choir & piano (lyrics: Rupert Chan) 陳鈞潤 詞. Commissioned by the Peace International Foundation, premiered in the HK Peace Festival.2010download
國殤 --為四川大地震受難同胞而作, 霍韜晦 詞 2009
虹, 陳鈞潤 詞. A theme song of the musical of the same name, commissioned by 港福堂 for its anniversary.2009
爲光作見証 Light of Witness (lyrics: Rupert Chan) for chorus, solo trumpet, solo cello, piano, organ and percussions; commissioned for the 70th anniversary of 中華基督教會閩南堂200813'
One World, One Voice (lyrics: Rupert Chan) for choir and orchestra (also choir & ensemble version); commissioned by the World Youth Choir Festival20085download
Music for World Harmony of Peace for narrators, soloists, choir and orchestra; commissioned by the HK School Music & Speech Association for its 60th anniversary200810'
戀歌(吳瑞卿詞), 合唱及鋼琴20064'download
Symphony No.8 THIS BOUNDLESS LAND 蒼茫大地 (吳瑞卿詞) for choir, organ & Chinese orchestra200630'
Season of Love (lyrics: Rupert Chan) for SATB & pf20036'
The Lord is My Shepherd for SATB & orchestra20024'24”
The Lord is My Shepherd for SATB & pf20024'24”download
耶和華是我的牧者 (詩篇23), 合唱及鋼琴20024'24”
Tue s Petrus for SATB & pf20025'30”
Reviving Arts and Culture 復興文藝 (lyrics: Rupert Chan) for SATB & pf19989'
Nine Regions Sing As One 九州同頌 (lyrics: Rupert Chan) for tenor solo, SATB & pf199710'
Yu Mei Ren 虞美人arranged for choir19895'
Looking Afar 望遠方(lyrics: Sonia Ng) for SATB choir19874'
Nunc Dimittis for mixed chorus a cappella19805'30”