Vocal & Choral

A Bright New Sunny Day (lyrics: Rupert Chan) for a Capella treble choir. Commissioned by the Hong Kong Children’s Choir for its concert tour to Japan and Korea20144'
19 children songs published in 陳永華 鄭國江幼童作品專題, 香港兒童合唱團出版2011
Donation of Light 光明的捐獻 (鄭國江詞) for children choir written for the Action for Vision, Eye Foundation for the Eye Care Campaign for School Children20051'35”
I Love to Sing My Song 我只愛唱我的歌for children's choir19913'
Peace to the Planets for children's or female choir19904'
Musica for children's or female choir19894'
Big Little World for children's choir; commissioned by the Hong Kong Children's Choir19864'
Moonlight Lullaby 月光光童謠組曲 version 1: for choir & pf / version 2: for choir & Chinese orchestra19857'