Music for Chinese Instruments

胡旋舞曲 Dance of Hu Xuan; commissioned and premiered by the HK Yang Qin Ensemble 香港揚琴樂團 20168'
關山渡若飛 for pipa & piano; commisioned by the Taipei Municipal Chinese Orchestra20129'
By the Pool of the Nan-lian Garden 南蓮池畔 for dizi, sheng, ruan, yang-qin, zheng, pipa, erhu & zhong hu; written for the Chinese Music Virtuosi20099'
Over the Thousand Mountains 逾萬山 for bang-di, sheng, erhu & zheng; written for the Chinese Music Virtuosi20027'38”
God of Protection 守護神 for a large ensemble of 40-50 players of Chinese plucked-string instruments20028'30”
Shi Huai 釋懷 for dizi, sheng & yangqin199910'